Let’s stand up and speak about the privilege gap in our society.

For a long time, the country has been witnessing a rising number of atrocities against women and girls. Safety of girls in public spaces is often compromised in India.

        Girls in India battle safety issue on an everyday basis. Ensuring a safe India for girls is our collective responsibility.

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  1. Gaurav Kant says:

    This particular must be ensure by us and our community to stand along with the safety of girls and women around us. Goverment has already strengthed the laws against the victims by making laws against child harrasment and along side girls too. In my prospective, safety and security of every girl and women should be our and of all responsiblity. Because if we ensure the safety of other girl then definetly safety of ours will be kept safe.

  2. Rahul singh says:

    I read your article and i am fully agree with you and we have to take move for the girls safety

  3. Yashwant singh says:

    Women safety is the necessary thing we must required the low against the women sefty ..

  4. Kamal Bisht says:

    Great I am also agree with you.

  5. Kamal Singh Bisht says:

    Good thought

  6. SURENDRA says:

    We all should respect women ensuring their safety and providing them equal rights as men.

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